Footwear for soccer depends on many factors. The field you're playing on, your foot structure, and your price range. 

Many places will require you wear the correct footwear for the type of field you are playing on, and it is recommended you have the right footwear for your health and safety. Wearing the wrong shoe could possibly result in injury, or breakage of your shoes, so it is important that you get the right ones!

Make sure you check with your club what surface(s) you will be playing on. From there, you have a variety of options.


Firm Ground Boots are designed for use on Natural Grass only. 

Firm Ground cleats have a series of non-removable studs that are either bladed or conical in shape. 

Firm Ground cleats should never be used on Turf because the hard TPU sole plate and longer studs can cause injury to your feet.

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Multi-Ground boots are designed to withstand use on both Natural Grass and Artificial Grass.

Very similar to FG boots, but they feature a mix of circular and bladed studs to create a unique grip that works great for those who often switch between fields.

Unisex      Youth


Artificial Ground boots, just like MG boots, are for use on Natural Grass and Artificial Grass

AG boots are becoming harder to come by as brands make more and more MG boots. The only difference is that AG boots only have circular studs, while MG boots have a mixture of circular and bladed studs.

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Soft Ground boots are for use on soft, muddy natural grass fields. Here in Canada, SG boots are most often used for Rugby.

They have metal detachable studs and are often what many consider “metal soccer cleats.” Before you purchase, check with your league to see if metal cleats are permitted.

If you do have these, make sure to tighten them before each use, or you may lose a stud! 

Unisex      Rugby


Turf boots are for use on thin, carpet-like turf fields. These are also an option to wear FG and AG fields.

There are more studs on a turf shoe than on any other soccer shoe. The extra studs eliminate pressure on individual studs, and the sole plate is made from rubber and not hard TPU, like all the other cleats. The rubber sole plate is less taxing on joints, making artificial turf shoes more comfortable for older players.

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Indoor Court shoes are great for gym floors, hardwood, and even concrete. 

Indoor soccer shoes have a gum rubber flat outsole. This outsole is perfect for hard court surfaces used to play indoor soccer or futsal. These have a lower profile fit and look like a lightweight sneaker, so you can even wear these casually on the street.

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