Premier League This Week

As always another exciting weekend in the EPL! We will be blogging about the EPL every week for the remainder of the season. Please join the conversation and send us your thoughts to our Twitter @LMTaylorSoccer. 

Aston Villa vs Southampton, the bubble has burst and they need to get back to their winning ways, although Mark, as a diehard Birmingham FC fan is content with AVFC's losing ways. 

Manchester United's Pogba and Fernandes cannot seem to find a rhythm, both seem to want to play attacking midfield players and neither want to do the work the midfield needs. Every time Unites defence got the ball last game, a great big whole in the midfield opened up with only Arsenal players there to feed it to.

The most notable of the weekend in our option was the Tottenham vs Brighton game. Something needs to be done about the refereeing in the EPL. Harry Kane's penalty should have been a free kick to Brighton as he backed into the Brighton player. Brighton's goal should not have been allowed, after the foul on Hojbjerg, the ref even had a second look at it and still allowed the goal. Referee's need to be held more accountable for these bad decisions.

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