EvoPower Vigor Protect 3.3 (Green Gecko/Black/White)

Size: 10
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Never drop the ball when it matters by making sure you're fully equipped to keep a clean sheet with these evoPOWER Protect 3.3 Goalkeeper Gloves in Green, Black and White from Puma.

These eye-catching Goalkeeper gloves have a lot more than meets the eye. Created with the lightweight and flexible Puma Finger Protection (PFP) spines, this means they lock at 180° preventing hyperextension of the fingers.

The multi grip latex palm is both tough-wearing and ensures you're able to perform to the best of your abilities in all weather conditions. The side entry wrist allows you to get these gloves on and off with ease and the anatomically correct tooling accounts for the wearers natural spread of fingers, meaning you can be the shot stopper you always wanted to be with these Puma evoPOWER Protect 3.3 Goalkeeper Gloves.

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